MAKO Homes treats green building with a "whole home" approach to construction.  A good example of this is the way your heating and cooling systems work with your doors,windows and exterior walls.  If you purchase an energy efficient furnace without having sufficient insulation, you will be efficiently creating warm air that easily escapes to the outdoors. It’s like driving a fuel efficient car on flat tires. Here are some features MAKO Homes includes on all of our new homes:

  • The Hydron geothermal heat pump carries a lifetime warranty for the compressor, heat exchanger and cabinet

  • Open cell spray foam insulation fills the 2x6 wall cavities and attic roof rafters that reduces air leakage and creates a total thermal barrier with a protected attic space

  • High performance glass windows with a low-E film and argon gas between the panes for better efficiency

  • A heat recovery ventilator unit circulates healthy, clean air throughout the home

  • Water heaters divert unused energy from heating the home to heating hot water.  For most of the summer, you will be getting virtually free hot water.

Green Building